Customer support is one thing that your company can’t survive without, so you must be constantly willing to reevaluate and analyze different sources so that you can consistently keep your customer support working at optimal efficiency. You need to do more than work like a machine, you need to possess genuine empathy so that you can understand what your customers are going through and help them in the best way possible. It’s fair to say that this list of skills does not come easily to anyone.

One of the best sources of information for pretty much anything is a TED talk. This is true for improving your customer support as well. If you truly want your customer support to be the best that it can be, you need to utilize as many avenues as possible and TED talks are one of them. This is because of the fact that these talks compress a great deal of pertinent information that you receive n short bursts, and even if the TED Talk is not focused on customer support itself it can still be a good source of information for you to utilize. Listed below are some of the best TED talks for improving customer support.

#1 Why Aren’t We More Compassionate By Daniel Goleman

As has been mentioned before, some of the most important skills associated with customer service are compassion and empathy. This talk by Daniel Goleman is all about how we struggle to empathize with one another, and how we often end up lacking compassion in our day to day lives. This often happens as a result of ardent individualism which is often taken to toxic extremes by the people that are partaking in it.

The talk also addresses the fact that the modern day and age has left us extremely busy. We are always on the move, we are always with intent. As a result, we don’t have time to look around us and see how everyone is doing. There are people in need all over the world yet we usually don’t spare them a second though because we have our own problems that we are dealing with.

The important lesson that this video teaches is how you can put aside what you are going through in order to help someone in need. This is an invaluable lesson that will truly optimize your customer support.

#2 How Airbnb Designs For Trust By Joe Gebbia

One of the most important pillars of a good relationship with your customers is trust. Trust allows your customers to ask for what they truly need, and it allows you to have the autonomy and control to give this to them. This video talks about trust in a way that is pertinent to companies that involve heavy interaction with customers, and it teaches an important lesson about going above and beyond the call of duty in order to give customers what they deserve from you.

The video itself involves the presenter, Joe Gebbia, relating a story. In this story, someone that had offered up their home on Airbnb. The offer was taken up by a guest who, unbeknownst to either of them, was about to have a heart attack. When the heart attack occurred, the owner of the Airbnb did not hesitate to donate blood in order to save the man’s life. While you are probably not going to have to donate blood to any of your customers, this video is a powerful metaphor that describes how you can safeguard the trust that your customers have placed in you and ensure that they don’t feel insecure.

#3 The Art of Asking By Amanda Palmer

The host of this TED talk discusses a very important element of the field of customer service: how to talk in a way that would allow people to understand what you are saying, and how to ask them if they need help. The main purpose of her talk is to describe how she manages to form rather personal bonds with the people that are listening to her. She does this in spite of the fact that she often does not have a lot of time, nor does she have the luxury of being able to make mistakes while she is giving her TED talk.

The great thing about this TED talk is that it teaches you how to form relationships with the customers that are phoning in. You need to learn how to establish trust in a short period of time, and one of the important lessons that you are going to learn from this TED talk is how to modulate your voice in order to make people trust you a bit more. This will help you give customers the kind of support that they need.

#4 10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation By Celeste Headlee

When you are speaking to a customer, one of the most important things that you should always keep in mind is that you are basically just having a conversation with someone. Hence, being a good conversationalist is going to allow you to have a much more in depth discussion with your customers because you will be able to put them at ease and let them feel relaxed enough to go into further detail. This video by Celeste Headlee is going to teach you the skills that will allow you to become a great conversationalist.

#5 All It Takes is 10 Mindful Minutes By Andy Puddicombe

We live in a technologically advanced time. A help desk ticketing system such as the one offered by Kayako is going to make it a lot easier for you to do your job. In spite of this, the responsibility of a customer support representative is massive. Hence, it can be easy to feel scattered and confused. This video can teach you how to be mindful of your surroundings and calm yourself in a way that would enable you to perform your job to the best of your abilities.