How to deal with failure

Failure is something everyone has to deal with at some point or another. These talks present interesting ways to deal with the fact you failed and how to move on from there

Seek Happiness, Don’t Dwell

Talk: Want to be Happier? Stay in the Moment – Matt Killingsworth

A key reason why we fail to deal with failure is a result of our inability to move past the failure. This often stems from our tendency to dwell on things, often overshadowing any of the good things in our lives.

In this talk, Matt talks about research he has done on happiness. In it he found that people’s minds have a tendency to stray away from the present moment and that, most likely, people are focusing on unpleasant things when they do, which sucks any joy out of any moment. This stops you from being happy and being able to move past the failure you experienced.

Rather than mind-wandering, why don’t you try staying present?

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Change your definition of failure

Talk: The power to believe that you can improve – Carol Dweck

Often associated with failure is the crippling belief of finality that THIS. IS IT. and there is nothing that can be done. Carol explores how this is linked to whether or not you have a growth or a fixed mindset. She explores how simply re-framing how we think, to see our failure as merely a “Not Yet” as opposed to a “Failure” will allow us to see things such as effort and difficulty as an opportunity to learn and grow as opposed to making you feel dumb and like giving up.

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Keep Fighting

Talk: Success, Failure and the Drive to Keep Creating – Elizabeth Gilbert

One of the hardest things about failing is to lose the fear of failing in order to make yourself want to keep fighting. In this talk, Elizabeth discusses her experience of failing, succeeding and then failing again and what made her keep going.

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