How to make the most of you

With the New Year having just arrived, we often hear phrases such as “new year, new me” thrown around. Instead of aiming for a magical transformation, why don’t you aim to make the most of who you are?

Here are some ways on how to do just that:

Be Aware

Talk: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are – Amy Cuddy

Body language is important. You’ve probably heard it all before: “sit up straight”, “firm handshakes”, “keep your arms uncrossed” – but why does it matter? Easy. Numerous studies have shown that how we carry ourselves affects how people think of us; it is a way in which people can effectively judge you without even having spoken to you.

However, in this talk, Amy explores how our body language can affect how we think of ourselves. Concluding with  “It’s not fake it till you make it, it’s fake it till you become it”. So become it.

Find the full talk at:

Be Vulnerable

Talk: The Power of Vulnerability – Brené Brown

Being vulnerable is hard. It’s uncomfortable. It’s a bit scary.  But ultimately, it’s necessary.

How do we do this?

The solution to this Brené states is for people to allow themselves to be seen, to have “the courage to be imperfect”.

So what’s stopping you from being vulnerable today?

You can find the full talk at:

Be Yourself

Talk: The art of being yourself – Caroline McHugh

A repetitious, seemingly out-dated lesson we are always reminded of is to be ourselves, but as Caroline points out WHAT DOES THIS ACTUALLY MEAN? Her talk is inspiring in that she seamlessly and confidently delivers a powerful message about how you can discover the “unique gift that the universe gave you” and put that at the service of your goals.

If you want to hear the full talk, you can find it at: